Kat Graham exhibits the identity of her most tough costar ever

Graham's Julia is determined to push Charlie out of the villa in Verona.

She arrived to locate the Brit already occupying the distance for a business journey.

She discovers Charlie is allergic to cats and concocts a plot

Lets all of the stray cats in the rectangular banquet on them.

But regardless of the hilarity of the scene, Graham turned into no longer partial to her feline costars.

"They were not the first-class," she laughs. "I'm no longer clearly a cat character. 

While Graham had to paint without delay with the cats, her costar merely had to fake be asleep

"Kat were given the worst of it for certain," Hopper says.

"I simply needed to lie there, and that they positioned the cats on me, however Kat clearly has to deal with them.

They don't do what you need them to do. They have a thoughts in their very own."