Best Lining  Fabric for  Dresses, Jackets

Linings inside clothing can serve both a purposeful and fashionable purpose.

1. Rayon: Rayon has skinny fibers and It is breathable and gentle, pliable, and light-weight.

2. Cotton: Cotton is crafted from natural fibers so it is breathable and really secure for skin 

3. Silk: Silk is synonymous with luxury and It is breathable and very soft.

4. Polyester: It is a shiny synthetic fabric that is very easy to care for. It is cheap

5. Acetate: Acetate is the best lining material for occasion wear clothes

6. Stretch Lining: sewing a knit garment or one made with another stretchy fabric you need a stretchy lining too.

7. Thick Insulating lining fabrics: For coats and jackets you may need a thicker fabric for added warmth.

8. Interlining fabric choices: Wool, polyester wadding, wool-acrylic blend fabrics, fluffy cotton fabrics are all used as interlining