How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship?

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship?

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship- The GOAT team validates instant products and is in a position to ship them directly from GOAT. They also offer instant products prioritized processing at the GOAT facilities. To make your purchases faster, you can select Next Day Delivery during the checkout. When you buy “Instant” orders placed with Next Day shipping, the delivery fee is $25.

Please be aware of the following: Next Day delivery is only feasible in the case of “Instant” items with a delivery address within 48 states contiguous to the 48; purchases from Post Office Boxes or military posts are not suitable. In this article, we’ll discuss how long it takes GOAT to deliver and where it ships from.

How Long Does GOAT Take To Ship?

On average GOAT will take 7 – 10 days to complete and ship an order once you’ve placed it. Customers who place an order for specific products from GOAT typically have to wait for 3-4 days for their items to arrive and complete transactions. It is possible to receive your items within 3-4 days after completing the ordering process.

If you require your goods urgently the Next Day delivery service is the ideal choice. You could be in any of the 48 states that are contiguous for the Next Day delivery service.

Based on the time GOAT will take to ship your items and deliver your items, expect them to arrive on the following working day if you choose to use this service. GOAT is determined to get its services to customers within the shortest amount of time.

Does GOAT Ship On Weekends?

No, GOAT doesn’t ship on weekends. Sellers at GOAT have 3 working days to deliver an order, however, that doesn’t include weekends or holidays.

Certain GOAT sellers may choose to ship their orders on weekends but this isn’t typical. Your order is likely to arrive between Monday and Friday.

Why Your GOAT Order May Delay

Although GOAT will deliver the majority of orders in time There is a possibility that yours could be delayed due to many factors outside their control.

Holiday Shipping

If you purchase “Instant” goods with Standard delivery prior to 11 AM. Pacific Time (PT) on the 20th of December, Monday. your order has the highest chance of being delivered on December 24.

If you order “Instant” items with Next Day shipping before 11:59 pm (Pacific Time) on Wednesday, December 22 the items will have the highest likelihood of arriving on the 24th of December.

Delivery times listed are projected only. Conditions in the weather, limits on carrier capacity, and other issues that are beyond our control can result in delays in dispatches. The numbers only pertain only to the continental United States and exclude foreign deliveries, PO boxes, or military bases.

Standard Items

Other than those that are with the label “Instant,” Sellers mail all items first to GOAT to ensure that they are approved and validated prior to shipping to you. GOAT will deliver these items to customers located in the United States in 7-10 working days.

This allows them to receive your purchase through the seller, approve the order, and validate it before shipping it to you.

Instant Items

GOAT checks to see if the items that are marked “Instant” have been and can ship them to you directly from their facility. An “Instant” item bought before 11:00 AM PT, with standard shipping will take between three and 5 working days for an individual buyer located in the adjacent United States to get them.

Standard shipping can take four to six days to deliver the item buyer within the continental United States for orders placed at or after 11 am PT. Addresses outside the US, PO boxes, and military facilities are not applicable to the shipping of these orders.

Instant Items With Next Day Shipping

The majority of “Instant” goods are eligible for delivery on the next day to addresses within in the contiguous United States (excluding PO boxes and military bases). The term “Instant” refers to an “Instant” product bought before 11 am. Next-day delivery for customers within the continental US typically will take 1 working day to arrive.

An “Instant” item purchased after 11:00 am PT and with next Day shipping can take two working days to arrive at an individual buyer within the continental United States. Addresses outside the US, PO boxes, and military facilities are not eligible for these orders.

Items Of Clothing And Accessories

Staff from GOAT can verify certain clothing and accessories and you can purchase them from their reputable retailers or stores. GOAT offers you other accessories and clothes after being verified and authenticated by them.

A clothing item or accessories sent to a client within the continental United States typically takes 4-8 business days (M-F) (excluding PO boxes and military bases).

International Orders

Due to taxation and shipping costs, the timeframes for international orders vary. You could sign up for the US-based shipping forwarding services to have GOAT items delivered to any destination in the world. For the majority of international shipments, GOAT currently sends DDU.

This means you’re accountable for all customs duty when you ship; GOAT does not charge customs charges in advance, since the courier is responsible for these when the shipment is made.

Where Does GOAT Ship From?

GOAT ships orders via their Plainview, New York offices of GOAT USA.

GOAT UNITED STATES ships in all 50 territories and states within the United States and Canada. The headquarters of GOAT is located in Culver City California, United States. Except for Canada, the company does not provide international shipping.

The company is located in China, GOAT is appealing to the growing market of people who love sneakers. A GOAT team located in Shanghai is responsible for the Chinese expansion however, the company has also set up a newly-built office located in Hong Kong.

The United States Postal Service transports all GOAT USA products (USPS). GOAT USA Shipping Information may comprise:

USPS FIRST CLASS PACKAGE The shipping process takes between 1-3 days following processing by Goat USA staff. Unless the customer specifies otherwise, GOAT sends all items that weigh less than 16 ounces in weight First Class.

USPS Priority Mail: Based on where your item is being shipped to, delivery times are approximately 1-3 days to be completed by the GOAT USA team. GOAT employs Priority Shipping for orders over 16 pounds.

USPS Priority Mail Express next-day delivery is available to the majority of US addresses as well as PO Boxes following verification by the GOAT staff. Priority Mail Express is available seven 7 days a week all year round (with certain exclusions). Be aware that this is the fastest delivery service offered by USPS, and they’re dependable in delivering your parcel to you within a few hours and with some exceptions (remote locations or extreme weather) getting it there in just two days.


Your order will arrive within two days because of GOAT’s fast shipping. You can make use of the GOAT app to check if they’ve dispatched your package through the Orders tab of your profile. GOAT can double-check and plan urgent issues as quickly as they can.

GOAT will manage the shipment once they are able to complete the process. One way you can ensure that your order is delivered in time is to select Next-Day delivery while placing your purchase. GOAT is a company that focuses on the needs of its most urgent customers if you require your items in the shortest time possible.

The delivery average for GOAT is between 7 and 10 working days. There may be delays regardless of their efforts due to COVID-19, or regulatory limitations. This means that your order might delay shipping and be delivered.

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