Download Microsoft Surface Data Eraser Tool

Download Microsoft Surface Data Eraser Tool

Download Microsoft Surface Data Eraser Tool – To create a Microsoft Surface Data Eraser USB Stick, you must be able to boot from USB. It is simple to create the USB tool using the wizard, Microsoft Surface Data Eraser Wrapper. The interface is simple with no command line and a simple graphic interface. Learn more about how Microsoft uses data wiping techniques and practices during the Surface service process.

1. How can I erase data from my Surface?

To wipe your Surface’s data, hold down the power button for 10 seconds. Next, hold down the volume button and press the volume button again until you see the Surface logo. To turn the device on, release both buttons and again press the power button. Open Settings from the Start screen and choose Recovery. Select Wipe data and settings under Reset this Device

2. What is a Surface data eraser?

A surface data eraser, a Microsoft Windows 10 feature, allows you to erase data from the device’s surface.

3. What is the best way to reset my Surface to factory settings?

Open the Start menu and type “reset” before pressing Enter.

4. How can I wipe my Surface laptop clean?

  • How can I reimage my Surface Pro
  • How can I secure wipe my Surface Pro?
  • You will need to connect the internet to your Microsoft account to reimage your Surface Pro. These steps are what you should do once you have signed in.
  • Search for “Surface Reimage” on the Start screen and click the result.
  • Click the button “Start Reimaging” on the Surface Reimage page.

5. What is the recovery key to Surface Pro?

Surface Pro does not have a specific recovery key.

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