Does GameStop Price Match in 2022?

Does GameStop Price Match in 2022?

Does GameStop Price Match in 2022? – Let’s find out! Unfortunately, we can’t match the prices of other retailers as they vary from region to region and store to store.

GameStop is an American consumer electronics video game and gaming products retailer situated in Grapevine, Texas. With around 4,816 stores across more than 25 countries and has grown into one of the biggest video game retailers around the globe.

But, they have had to adjust and evolve in the field of gaming technology with the rise of the Internet. To address this, Gamestop bolstered its commitment to selling its products via online channels.

Like most online retailers, Gamestop has its own pricing matching policy. But the specifics might not be as straightforward as you’d like.

Does Gamestop Price Match?

Yes, they do, however, GameStop has no official price match policy that has been in place as of 2022. Based on a story published by ScreenRant, GameStop recently issued an official price match policy for at least their stores.

In 2021, when GameStop stock prices plummeted, the company changed its direction to its direction and leadership, indicating a shift of direction, which signaled that they would be embracing the route of e-commerce for them in the gaming sector.

The price matching policy was the initial step in this direction for the business. In introducing it to customers who shop in-store, GameStop hopes to expand the practice to its online store over the next year.

What Is Price Matching?

Price matching is the process of comparing an identical product’s cost with an alternative’s price and paying the additional amount via cash vouchers or rebates. This is a standard strategy numerous companies employ to provide customers with the most price.

In this scenario, GameStop will provide customers with a partial reimbursement when they see the same product at a lower price from a rival retailer like Target. Customers will then be able to get these prices at a lower cost without going to another site shop, store, or even shop.

What is GameStop’s Price Matching Policy?

Although not official and not yet expanded into their store online, they do have guidelines regarding their price matching system and the policy. Some of the factors to be used for price matching are listed in the following list:

The product has to be identical, which includes the version for games.

Physical and digital editions of a game are regarded as two distinct products and GameStop cannot offer the same prices.

The item should be in stock at GameStop as well as the rival stores.

GameStop will not price match with local vendors, and will only match prices with trusted retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target.

GameStop doesn’t price match discounts or sales prices such as Black Friday sales.

GameStop does not match prices with third-party sellers like the ones on Amazon and Walmart marketplace.

Price matching with GameStop must be in compliance with all of these conditions and terms. Any violation of this policy will prevent you from pricing matching at GameStop.

Does GameStop Price Match Online?

GameStop is not able to match prices online currently. This includes the price match in the online GameStop store to the prices of the other Gaming Online Stores. They’re starting with physical stores but could expand on the internet in the near time.

Does GameStop Price Match Amazon?

GameStop is not able to match the price of Amazon products due to the fact that Amazon’s prices are usually increased by the market for reselling. The price matching is fresh, and we may expect to see some changes in the near future if it involves Amazon.

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Does GameStop Price Match Target?

GameStop will price match Walmart products on products that are similar. The difference is that GameStop offers a large selection of electronic and gaming products that include limited edition pre-owned products, which will most likely not be found in your neighborhood Walmart and makes the possibility for price matching very unlikely.


Items sold by GameStop can only possibly match prices in-store, not online, at least for the moment. The store will offer the price at which they offer for the item if it is at its original price without discount or sale or discount; they only match prices with a trusted competitor or retailer for games and not a third-party and/or local store.

Moving into an online-based shopping environment following the appointment of new management, it’s only a matter of time before GameStop extends its price match policy to encompass online retailers.

To ensure that you are sure to be sure, you should inquire with the local GameStop store to inquire about their price match policy. You never know! You might get a bargain-priced deal!

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