Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup in 2022?

Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup in 2022?

Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup in 2022? – Costco was the most popular warehouse and retail store for many families, due to its low costs and vast number of shops. It has 804 warehouses in twelve different countries around the world The company has been able to provide great customer service and delighted customers.

Curbside pickup at Costco has become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing customers to drive up to the store and have their purchases loaded onto their cars by Costco employees. Customers can pay with their Costco membership card and use any rewards they have accrued without ever stepping foot inside the store.

If you’re wondering if this service will be available in 2022, there are good and bad signs to look out for that could point towards an affirmative or negative answer. Let’s find out more about curbside pickup at Costco, including whether it will exist in 2022 and how it works!

In these times of epidemics, the accessibility of the essentials we need to live life has been extremely difficult. Yet, Costco has adapted to the tough circumstances by making it simpler for customers to get their groceries or other items.

Do you know if Costco has curbside pickup for 2022? Find out more here!

Does Costco Have Curbside Pickup?

There is a possibility that Costco Does have curbside pickups, however, the program is not as large as one might think. On the first day of January 2021, Costco introduced their first curbside pickup at three warehouses located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that will only be accessible to members of the Costco membership there.

Costco was previously a pickup for expensive products like electronics and jewelry. However, Costco has yet to expand this program to other warehouses and thus, it isn’t completely accessible.

This feature is accessible to Costco customers only. However, if you’re thinking about how this works you can find the answer in the next paragraph!

How Does Costco’s Curbside Pickup Work?

Costco offers curbside pickup service when you shop at Costco online, however, most people prefer to pick up their purchases in light of the current epidemic.

  • Ordering Your Items
  • Go to or download the Costco App.
  • Choose from the grocery option.
  • Choose the same-day delivery option.
  • Choose the Pickup option and choose the location of the Costco store or warehouse.

How to Collect Your Purchases from Costco

When your order is prepared to be picked up, you’ll be sent a text message advising you of the best place to park and how to get there.

There will be designated parking spaces for pickups at each warehouse for pickup.

You will have a one-hour pick-up time for your items and the time frame may be restricted and contingent on availability.

Follow the steps within the message. Then inform Costco via app or text message that you’ve arrived at the warehouse.

  • The Costco employee will take your car to a pickup point for free pickup.
  • Costco Pickup Fee, Eligible Items, and Pricing
  • The minimum purchase for curbside pickups will be $100 of products from Costco.
  • The fee for pickups charged per pickup order is $10.

The eligible items for the curbside pickup are all Groceries which include fresh as well as certain non-food items that amount to around 2000 items.

Overall, a fairly simple and easy system. It’s just a shame that this hasn’t been expanded for the entirety of Costco stores.

Are there other options for Purchase Groceries at Costco?

Yes, there are additional options for customers to purchase food items and other products without contacting Costco. There are a variety of ways to receive your Costco products, you can use the Instacart website and app and also the Pickup lockers available in Costco Warehouses.


Instacart is Costco’s principal delivery partner that allows customers to purchase grocery items and other Costco products. You can place an order via Instacart depending on the location you live in then Instacart delivers your Costco groceries right to your door.

The most requested delivery options available through Instacart in the case of Costco products is Same-day Delivery and 2-Day Delivery.

Same-Day Delivery

To get Same-Day delivery, the amount of your order should be a minimum of $35. Free delivery is included when you first place an order, however, the standard delivery cost is $5.99 with a 10% service cost through Instachart.

This is a popular method of getting fresh food and perishable items directly to your doorstep.

2-Day Delivery

If you choose to have 2-day delivery, and you place an order minimum of $75, you’ll be able to receive a delivery fee waiver. Instachart is still charging 10% of the cost for every delivery. This service is very popular for non-fresh food and items that are not perishable and delivered to your doorstep.

Pickup from Lockers for Pickup

According to Costco’s CFO Richard Galanti, Costco is planning an enormous expansion of the lockers for pickup at its warehouses, which will cover over 200 US retail stores at the end of 2022.

Pick Up Lockers are similarly to curbside pickup in that you place an order for products online and take them home at Costco Warehouses. This process requires only minimal interaction between customers and the store employees, which ensures that everyone is safe during the post-pandemic period.

Since this is a nascent expansion of Costco we are looking at their full-blown method to manage their Pickup lockers!


Costco has made a number of major decisions to make it one of the largest retailers around the globe. Their success is based on an effortless shopping experience for their customers and a variety of ways to deliver their goods to customers.

Although curbside pickup is not a full-time thing for Costco the option of picking up your groceries is available. However, Costco has found different ways to connect with their customers using other methods including same-day grocery Delivery by Instacard or Pick Up from pick-up lockers.

What was your experience like using Costco’s pick-up service? Tell us about it by leaving a comment!

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